Hematuria and Proteinuria

The presence of blood or red blood cells in urine is called hematuria. The causes of hematuria are infection occurred in the urinary tract, bladder, kidney or bladder cancer, inflammation of the kidneys, or prostate and polycystic kidney disease. There are two types of hematuria and they are microscopic and gross hematuria. The Non-visible hematuria (microscopic hematuria) means that the blood can only be seen with a microscope whereas visible hematuria (gross hematuria) means the urine appears red or the color of tea or cola to the naked eye. Urine tests, blood tests, CT scans, kidney ultrasounds, cystoscopy, kidney biopsy are the tests available to determine the hematuria and the cause of it, and not all tests are recommended to anyone.

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Proteinuria is observed when an excess of protein is present in the urine which can be a sign of kidney damage. When the kidneys are damaged, the filters in the kidneys let proteins such as albumin leak from the blood into the urine. Dietary changes, weight management, blood pressure, and diabetes medication, and dialysis are the treatments nephrologists ask the patients to maintain.




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